2014 Parker Love Of Teaching Awarded to Ron Nelson

Beverly (Bev) Parker, a former Oakwood Schools teacher at Harman Elementary, established the Parker Love of Teaching Award in 2010 in loving memory of her husband, Robert (Bob) Parker.

On May 21, 2017 while surrounded by enthusiastic high school band students the fourth annual Parker Love of Teaching Award was presented to Ron Nelson.  As the head of the Elementary and Junior High Band and a nine year veteran we are grateful for his long and dedicated service.  

Please enjoy the wonderful nominating quotes below and join us in congratulating Ron Nelson, thank you Ron!

Beverly (Bev) Parker with 2014 Parker Award Winner, Ron Nelson
  • “Ron has the uncanny ability to engage shy students who otherwise would not step up to join the band.  He brings out the best in his band members and maximizes his students’ learning potential.”
  • Ron has developed a family-like system that the students understand, respect and appreciate.  Seniors and section leaders are responsible and accountable to mentor and teach underclassmen how to behave as a band member.  Freshmen know that they are led by juniors and seniors, and they look forward to the day when they will lead.
  • Ron Nelson embodies all that the Parker Award stands for
  • As one of Mr. Nelson’s current students told the selection committee, ‘Mr. Nelson puts the students first, before himself.  Always.
  • The Mr. Nelson’s of this world are too few and far between – – – we are so grateful to have him here in Oakwood.