2015 OSF Parker Love of Teaching Awarded to Susan Kuntz!

Beverly (Bev) Parker, a former Oakwood Schools teacher at Harman Elementary, established the Parker Love of Teaching Award in 2010 in loving memory of her husband, Robert (Bob) Parker.

On May 30, 2015 with the familiar background of music and the voices of excited children the fifth annual Parker Love of Teaching Award was presented to Susan Kuntz.  As an art teacher at Harman Elementary and a 25+ year veteran we are grateful for her long and dedicated service.  

Please enjoy the wonderful nominating quotes below and join us in congratulating Susan Kuntz, thank you Susan!

Beverly (Bev) Parker with 2015 Parker Award Winner, Susan Kuntz
  • “Ms. Kuntz is a personal mentor to every student. She teaches, investigates their personality, connects with them and aids them in finding their own sense of creativity.”
  • “Her heart, her soul, and her mind are focused on teaching the whole child. She makes the effort to know her students and build relationships that contribute to a culture at Harman in which students feel they belong. Her students know that she believes they are important.”
  • “I don’t think I have walked into a house of a Harman family without seeing something produced in Susan’s classroom being proudly displayed”
  • “She shows us the project and at first I think it will be hard. But she demonstrates and lets you ask questions and I know I can do it!”
  • “Ms. Kuntz is thoughtful when she critiques my art.”
  • “I like the tools and the equipment. She taught me how to use an iron!”
  • “Art is my favorite special class.”