2017 OSF Parker Love of Teaching Awarded to Nate Thompson

Beverly (Bev) Parker, a former Oakwood Schools teacher at Harman Elementary, established the Parker Love of Teaching Award in 2010 in loving memory of her husband, Robert (Bob) Parker.

On May 30, 2017 while surrounded by students, faculty and parents the seventh annual Parker Love of Teaching Award was presented to Nate Thompson.  As a music teacher at E.D. Smith Elementary and a fifteen year veteran we are grateful for his long and dedicated service.  

Please enjoy the wonderful nominating quotes below and join us in congratulating Nate Thompson, thank you Nate!

Beverly (Bev) Parker with 2017 Parker Award Winner, Nate Thompson
  • “In Mr. Thompson’s classroom, there are no barriers to learning. Every child is capable and can excel, all they need is to show a desire and he will give them the tools they need to make it happen.”
  • “I have seen Nate empower students. If a student has an idea, he will work with them to bring it to fruition.”
  • “Mr. Thompson has this ability to encourage and support individual student interests, while also including the other students in the project, making them all feel special, included, creative, and that they have learned.”