2018 OSF Parker Love of Teaching Awarded to Lynne Irwin

Beverly (Bev) Parker, a former Oakwood Schools teacher at Harman Elementary, established the Parker Love of Teaching Award in 2010 in loving memory of her husband, Robert (Bob) Parker.

On May 21, 2018 while surrounded by students, faculty and staff the eighth annual Parker Love of Teaching Award was presented to Lynne Irwin.  As a sixth-grade teacher at E.D. Smith Elementary and an 18-year veteran of the Oakwood Schools, we are grateful for her long and dedicated service.  

Please enjoy the wonderful nominating quotes below and join us in congratulating Lynne Irwin.  Thank you, Lynne!

  • “Mrs. Irwin teaches each of her students to be responsible, she holds them accountable, and nurtures each and every student personally.”
  • “She is thoughtful, reflective, focused and consistently keeps children at the forefront of her decision-making.”
  • “Lynne has served in countless volunteer positions to help the Oakwood Schools be the best school system in can be for its children.”