For Matthew Jessup, Chief Executive Officer of Jessup Wealth Management, community is important. When choosing a place to raise a family, Matt and his wife, Rachel, they both valued the emphasis on education that Oakwood placed on its schools and students’ experiences. The schools are a pillar of the Oakwood community, Matt notes.

Likewise, he recognized the value of opening his business in Oakwood as a way to further deepen his and his families’ ties to the Oakwood community. As one of the few small businesses in Oakwood, Matt is proud to not only create jobs locally but to be able to be a responsive to Oakwood residents’ unique needs with comprehensive financial planning and advice.

One of the many ways his business partners with the Oakwood community is through the Oakwood Schools Foundation. “The Oakwood community sincerely cares about the schools,” Matt said. His business, Jessup Wealth Management not only provides financial advice to the Foundation’s Financial Committee but is also responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s invested financial assets to ensure its longevity. In addition to working with the Foundation on protecting and growing the Foundation’s finances, Jessup Wealth Management has also been the presenting sponsor for Come Back Lumberjacks over the past three years. Sponsoring this event is an easy choice for Jessup Wealth Management, because it allows the Foundation to connect in person to highlight its work, celebrate its achievements, and raise funds for future initiatives.

“The Oakwood Schools Foundation takes what the city is already doing from an academic standpoint and allows them to go above and beyond,” Matt said when discussing why he is passionate about supporting the Oakwood Schools Foundation. Matt’s passion for giving back to Oakwood and for giving back to its schools is just another example of what makes this community so special. You can watch the full interview with Matt by clicking here.