Steering Committee

photo of Rick and Jane Schwartz

Rick & Jane Flory Schwartz

Honorary Chairs,
Oakwood Class of 1967

“​​We have always valued our upbringing in Oakwood.  The sidewalks, front porches and small neighborhood activities created a friendly atmosphere for families. Most importantly, the Oakwood schools helped us form our lifetime values.”


photo of Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Steering Committee Chair
Oakwood Class of 1982

“I am excited to lead a group interested and eager to continue making our Oakwood schools National Schools of Excellence. This project will give students at Oakwood schools an excellent opportunity to develop their future lives in the performing and visual arts.”


photo of Amy Martin

Amy Martin

Steering Committee, Development Chair
Oakwood Class of 1998

I am proud to be a member of the FLOURISH Steering Committee because of the profound impact the project will have on all of our students, enriching their experience of the arts while in Oakwood Schools, AND for our community as a whole, as the project adds performance space available for everyone’s enjoyment.


Doug and Anne Almoney

Doug & Anne Almoney

Steering Committee Members
Oakwood Class of 1961

We hope our leadership and giving will encourage others to see the benefits of their generosity and financial support. Our legacy will be the satisfaction of knowing that we helped in contributing to the continued excellence of our Oakwood schools. Lumberjacks Strong!”