Donor Spotlight


Embodying Our Mission

The Oakwood Schools Foundation work is supported and inspired by our donors. Learn more about what has inspired, moved, and driven a few of our amazing donors to give back to our schools by reading their stories below.

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Parker Award winner

Matthew Jessup loves being part of a community that sincerely cares about the schools

For Matthew Jessup, Chief Executive Officer of Jessup Wealth Management, community is important. When choosing a place to raise a family, Matt and his wife, Rachel, they both valued the emphasis on education that Oakwood placed on its schools and students'...

Supporting excellence in arts: Rick and Jane Flory Schwartz 

Rick and Jane Flory Schwartz are not new to supporting the arts; they have been active supporters of both the Victoria Theatre Association and the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. But supporting the arts in Oakwood was a much more personal pursuit. The two both...