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Multi-Year Giving Society

Honor and celebrate 100 years of Oakwood Schools roots together!

By joining the Roots Society, you support the Annual Fund and ALL of the work the Foundation does, which in turn touches every building and student throughout the Schools district. 

Your contribution forms the interconnected roots that provide the solid foundation for our schools to thrive and flourish. Thank you for providing that foundation.

Roots Society members have given for at least two consecutive years. Milestone years of consecutive giving that will be recognized include 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Donors with five years of consecutive giving to the Annual Fund:

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ammer
Ms. Carol A. Boswell
Harlamert Charitable Foundation
Mr. Charles E. Comer, III
D. Jeffrey and Ellen S. Ireland
Ms. Sara J. Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Leach
Ms. Carol A. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mifflin
Mrs. Carol J. Morris
Mrs. Barbara N. O’Hara
Judith H. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Runkle
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Smith
Lockwood Family Foundation Irrev. Trust

Donors with two years of consecutive giving to the Annual Fund:

Mr. Wade H. Alley, Jr.
Bryan and Amanda Ammer
Bre Andrews
Mrs. Maria Beecher
Mr. Charles A. Bennett
Rev. Edward Bergen
Barry and Janet Block
Ms. Carol A. Boswell
Scott and Amy Bryant
Chris and Emma Butler
Dr. Kevin Carlile
Richard F. Carlile, Esq.
Richard Clasby
Mr. Charles E. Comer, III
Coolidge Wall Co., LPA
Richard and Elaine Couture
Cudney Oral and Facial Surgery
Mr. Jamie P. Dewing
Mr. Frederick L. Dudding
Philip Eckert
Jonathan Edwards

Constance Epley
Beth Farrell and Andrew Donnelly
Dion Flannery
Ms. Cordelia Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Frydman
Robert and Leslie Gebhart
Virginia and Edman Gray
John and Carrie Haley
Harlamert Charitable Foundation
Thomas Held
Brian and Christine Hemmelgarn
Ted and Pat Hewitt
Jane Hollinshead
D. Jeffrey and Ellen Ireland
Jessup Wealth Management
Johnson Investment Counsel
Kevin Jones
Sara Jorgensen
Peggy Juergens
Yusaku and Lauren Kawai
Ms. Kay Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kirkland
John and Nanci Koepke
Kolodesh Family Foundation
Greg and Carrie Lauterbach
Mr. and Mrs. C. David Leach
Sandra Leigh
Carol Lloyd
Lockwood Family Foundation Irrev. Trust
Charles Mathews
Patrick and Brandy McFall
Nilesh and Jamie Mhaskar
James and Barbara Mifflin
Gary Mitchner
MJV Communication Ltd.
Carol Morris
Patricia Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Newbold
Barbara O’Hara
J. Craig and Judy Owen
Beverly Parker
Judith Payne

Ann and David Pontius
Lisa Dodds Reeder
Mr. Guy W. Richardson
Robert K. Jones Insurance Agency
Jim and Jan Runkle
Richard Scalzo
Beth and Alan Schaeffer
Matt Schaeffer
Mr. Gary M. Schubert
Bill and Ann Schuerman
Peter Smith
Space Three, LLC
Steffen Brown Foundation
Jigna Thakore
Thoma Family
Jason Trimbach
Erica Van Brimer Goldfarb
James and Ellen Vaughn
Daniel and Bonney Walther
Mrs. Betsy B. Whitney
Linda Woods
Marjorie Ziska

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