A new greenhouse is being built in the Oakwood High School courtyard thanks to a group of passionate OHS alumni who fondly recall how the current greenhouse, now in disrepair, was key to their academic memories and pursuits, and beneficial to their wellness.

Members of the OHS Class of 1972 embarked on the major effort to raise $50,000 to construct a new greenhouse as a way to celebrate their milestone 50th reunion and provide worthwhile experiences to future generations of Lumberjacks.

Records indicate the original greenhouse existed in the 1950s, making the structure around 70 years old. The current structure was in need of repair in order to provide learning opportunities for students.

Thanks to the successful fundraising efforts, a new greenhouse structure will be built and be integrated into the curriculum. In addition to traditional science opportunities (medicine, biology, botany), the new greenhouse will provide holistic and integrated offerings in environmental science, horticulture, food science and sustainability. Teachers plan to incorporate the greenhouse into hands-on learning activities for students, creating experiential projects, and helping students develop important work and life skills. The restored courtyard and greenhouse will also provide space for student-led groups to participate in activities.

“This greenhouse renovation will allow us to enrich our course offerings and opportunities to allow students to interact with the natural world. From growing food for the school, to starting seeds to beautify our campus, the greenhouse renovation will provide the facilities to make this all possible and ignite student interests along the way,” Heidi Edwards, OHS Science and Biology teacher said.

This very special gift for Oakwood Schools students leaves a legacy for the Class of 1972 that will make an impact for years to come. In total, more than 61 classmates have contributed to the special gift, totaling $51,883, one of the largest alumni class gifts made to the District in recorded history.

The Oakwood Schools Foundation is grateful to the Class of 1972 for this special gift to benefit Oakwood students. Thank you to the Class of 1972, and the core group of classmates including Jane Beck Klieve, Dave Crowl, Bill Dennison, Jeff Ireland and Ellen Sherriff Ireland, for their generosity for Oakwood Schools students, today and for generations to come.

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